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8-2017: SelectSYNC Programmable Drivers win 2017 PIA award
8-2017: Brandon Cartwright appointed Director of New Business Development
6-2017: SelectSYNC Programming Software Ships
5-2017: Michael Alson appointed Northeast US Regional Sales Manager
4-2017: New TCM 12V Wireless Controls introduced
3-2017: New LBU10-P Emergency LED Driver introduced
2-2017: New SelectSYNC Intelligent Programmable LED Drivers introduced
1-2017: Tony Raso appointed Midwest US Regional Sales Manager

Previous News:

2016 News
11-2016: New LED 100W Power Supply introduced
10-2016: New UL Listed F-Can Style Transformers introduced
9-2016: New 5.5" Linear Light Engine Module, Mix & match with 11" and 23" engines!
9-2016: NEW LED50WPR2T5 Programmable Driver Introduced
7-2016: We've joined the ZigBee Alliance and our TCM Module is ZigBee Certified.
6-2016: Joe Klein appointed Southern US Regional Sales Manager
6-2016: New 12W 0-10V Dimming LED Driver Introduced
4-2016: New Low Profile SSP3 Surge Protector Introduced
4-2016: Our latest FSP product is a finalist for Consulting-Specifying Engineer's Product of the Year
4-2016: TRP Custom Services business is growing rapidly through the first quarter of the year.
3-2016: New LED75WT5 Narrow LED Driver Introduced
1-2016: New FSP3-NI Surge Protectors Introduced
1-2016: New TCM Wireless Driver Control Module Introduced

2015 News
12-2015: New 96W-LT Driver Introduced
11-2015: Two New 55W Programmable Drivers Introduced, Hybrid Programming or T5 Rset with step-dimming
10-2015: Our FSP3-480-20kA Surge Protector was selected for the 2015 IES Progress Report
9-2015: New TLED40W Driver. Totally new design for flicker-free high-performance dimming.
8-2015: New PLED60W series performance LED driver introduced, all PLED series drivers are now Type HL rated
7-2015: New FSP3-480-20kA Surge Protector introduced
6-2015: TRP Surge Protector BSP3-277V-20KA is Now CE Certified
6-2015: TRP drivers are now listed in the UL Sign Manual
5-2015: New 9.1" Round and 2.5" Rectangular Std. Light Engines
5-2015: NEW! LED Driver Sign Application Guide
4-2015: Introduces New Warm Dimming Technology, the basis for advanced color tuning
2-2015: Exhibit at Strategies In Light, issues co-branded announcement with EnOcean Alliance
2-2015: New improved PLED Series Driver Case Design

2014 News
12-2014: New 39W Programmable driver introduced
10-2014: New 480V LED40W-HV drivers announced, includes HL rated models
10-2014: New website launched
9-2014: Exhibits for local students at "Manufacturing Your Future"
9-2014: EOL3 Surge Protectors & Haz Loc drivers accepted in the IES Progress Report
7-2014: Our Surge Protectors work on both AC and DC circuits
6-2014: 3D models available for our Std. DC LED Light Engines
6-2014: Our Std. DC LED Light Engines receive UL Recognition
5-2014: New LED Drivers for Hazardous Locations
4-2014: New EOL3 Series Premium Surge Protectors
3-2014: New Lighting Controls For OEMs
3-2014: New headquarters provides for more service
2-2014: New DC LED Light Engine standard product line

Upcoming Events:

2-2018: Strategies In Light, info to come
5-2018: LightFair International, Booth 1125, in our own hometown – Sweet Home Chicago – May 8-10, 2018

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