Stand-Alone Lighting Controls
TSM - Stand-Alone Control Modules

NEW! TSM Stand-Alone Control Module for Lighting OEMs from Thomas Research Products.

The TSM-100 module is designed for use with LED luminaires. The device provides line voltage ON/OFF switching with full 0-10V dimming control of TRP's dimmable LED drivers. Designed to operate fixtures on 100-277V circuits, it also works with fluorescent fixtures.

This self-contained module includes both PIR (passive infrared) occupancy and daylight sensors with adjustable time delays. It provides any combination of motion or light level control for fully-capable and code-compliant energy-savings. Multiple PIR lenses are available for different coverage areas.

The compact device is easily mounted in most luminaires. It's a simple, inexpensive fixture-based OEM solution for energy savings and user comfort. An IR cordless remote allows users to set up or adjust programming as needed from the ground. No additional wires are required for configuration.

Great for indoor or outdoor lighting applications that don't need complex and costly networked solutions. When fully installed in an appropriate luminaire, the module is IP66 rated. Optimal applications include parking lots or garages, warehouses or pedestrian walkways.

Product Features:

  • Line Voltage On/Off Control of Lighting Fixtures
  • 0-10V Dimming Control
  • Standby Time Delay (10sec-60min)
  • 5 Year Warranty

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TSM Stand-Alone Lighting Module

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TSM-100 In-Fixture, PIR Sensor with 0-10V Dimming STP Instructions Buy


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Last updated: 8-14-2017