HID Restrike and Auxiliary Lighting Controllers

TRP HID Restrike & Auxiliary Lighting ControllersQUARTZ RESTRIKE CONTROLLERS

Quartz Restrike Controllers automatically light a standby lamp when the main HID lamp is extinguished. These are current sensing devices. Compact and simple to wire.


Rapid Smart Start lamp reignitor is designed to cold start and rapidly restart hot HPS lamps after momentary power interruptions or drops in supply voltage.

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ESP Series

Part Description 3D Instructions Buy
ESP-125 120V, 500 Watts     Buy
ESP-125T 120V, 500 Watts, Timer     Buy
ESP-AUTO 120-277V, 250 Watts     Buy
ESP-AUTO-T 120-277V, 250 Watts, Timer     Buy


Product Features

  • Measures current drawn by the HID circuit rather than voltage across the circuit, use with any type of circuit
  • Operates HID circuits from 50-1500W, no mater what lamp source
  • Operates auxiliary lamps of either 250W (ESP-277 and ESP-AUTO) or 500W (ESP-125 Series)
  • With non-arching switches, may be used in Class I Division II vapor tight fixtures
  • Can be wired directly to emergency generator power
  • UL Recognized component
  • High temperature plastic enclosure
  • Includes Nipple mount
  • "T" models include integrated timing modules to provide quartz light while primary HID lamp warms up
  • ESP-125 UL COA
  • ESP-Auto UL COA

Information Regarding Older TRP Quartz Restrike Controls
Quartz Restrike Replacement Part Number Matrix
Cross-reference for older parts.TRP's Quartz Restrike line was improved and simplified in 2004.
The ESP-Auto-T was introduced after this update.


RSS Series

Part Description 3D Instructions Buy
RSS-50-150 Reignitor for 50-150W HPS (52-55 Volts)     Buy


Product Features

  • Minimizes delays or hesitation during hot lamp restarting
  • Prevents "End of Life" lamps from continuous cycling
  • Operates with most 52-55 volt HPS lamps between 50-150W
  • Remains unaffected by stray voltages, moderate overvoltages, as well as undervoltage conditions
  • Drops into the background during normal lamp operation, <1.3% insertion loss
  • Hot restart time is typically <0.5 second
  • Starter reset time is typically <800 milliseconds after ballast supply voltage has been removed
  • Allows for remote ballast applications
  • Power consumption less than .3% during normal operation
  • UL Recognized component


Last updated: 3-10-2017